Film Productions

Sunderland Ward Film Productions in Production stages

For many years the Sunderland Ward has produced short films and animations for their own interests and also to enter into the Oscars Awards competition that have been held in the Sunderland Stake since 1997.  Sunderland Ward films are produced by entire amateurs and a zero budget with all members of the Cast and Crew being just regular Church members.

On this page you will be able to find information about the latest news regarding the film productions of the Sunderland Ward. We hope to gradually include each film for you to watch from here, however due to youtube time-limit limitations its not so easy. But once we find a suitable video host site we will hopefully have them all for you to see and enjoy. If you have any films from the Sunderland Stake or other LDS Churches worldwide you would like to share or are interested in taking part in one of our productions contact us to let us know.

The Diamond
The Sunderland Ward is currently in the production stages of their latest film entitled The Diamond. This is a comedy film that follows the progress of three local idiots who have the bright idea of stealing a precious diamond from the local museum. With its visual humour this is set to be homage to films such as Police Squad and Naked Gun. 

The Taxi
Another film entiled "The Taxi" (working title) is currently in the very early stages of production with early testing of visual and special effects. This film is set to be an action film and one that will push the bar even higher producing a greater standard of film from the Sunderland Ward. It aims to be visually stunning action packed film that will not disappoint.

Previous Film Productions:

Mission: Impossible

This was the very first Sunderland Ward film produced for the very first Oscars competition in 1997. As the title suggests this film was based on the old TV shows of Mission: Impossible, but with added humour. This film took numerous awards at the Stake Oscars Awards and set the early standard for the Oscars films.

Indiana Nephi and the Search for the Brass Plates
This was Sunderland's first and so far only animated film. This film was based on the common story from the early chapters of the Book of Mormon but with a modern feel to it. Produced entirely in macromedia flash, this film also awards for its originality but also showed what could be done with no video camera and just basic computer equipment but with a simple effective idea.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Bibles
This film also continued the improvement progress in the quality of the Sunderland Ward's films. This film was produced in with a gangster feel to it, but was mainly a light hearted look at everyday things within the Church's culture. Due to some misunderstanding, or perhaps jealousy, by certain individuals at the time this film was seen as being a bit controversial. However, as always, this only helped create more interest in the film.

The A-Team
Again the bar was raised in this classic from Sunderland Ward with their own rendition of the 80's classic TV show - The A-Team. With the script and direction of Michael Bell and Kris Clark this film contained all the usual aspects that made the original such a cult classic, and as such this film has been held as one of the favourites amongst members of the Sunderland Ward. It helped set a new standard for any further films from the Sunderland Stake to follow.

Doctor Who
Although this is perhaps not one of the most popular of the Sunderland Ward's films, this films saving grace was the new grounds it made in technological advancement. The complexities of making Doctor Who 'believeable' helped discover and learn new techniques that would help shape all further films and form a base from which to improve film special effects as well as their look and feel.

James Blonde - Soarfinger
The quality of films produced by the Sunderland Ward continued in this fun homage to one of the all time British classics - James Bond. This film brought new improvements in visual and audio special effects as well as creating a taste for bigger and better stunts. James Blonde has helped become a catalyst to create further excitement and greater appreciation for the art of film making amongst members of the Ward which energy we hope to harness to make bigger and better films in the future.

James Blonde (part one)
James Blonde (part two)